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Levels 1-20

I stole this guide from:

Eventually I'll make my own for the first few levels, but in the meantime you can use this junky guide. It's kind of messy but I'll be cleaning it up over the next couple days. Give me an email if you solve puzzles past Level 20.


So...what the fuck is it? A bunch of shitty eggs in the grass with "numbers on them." If you can't get this one, this test might not be for you. Once you figure it out click the egg with a "?" on it and enter Level 1 for the username. Then put the answer to this puzzle in the password box and hit ok. If you get to Level 2 it means you got it, Good Game!

Look at the numbers on the eggs, that's all that's important. They are combinations of the numbers 1,2,3. Which combination is missing?

You are 100% idiot. Why are you even taking this test? It takes 10 seconds to figure out the answer....That's shorter than the time spent reading this sentence. Ah well, the answer is 312


This one is pretty easy. In fact, it's almost as easier as the first one! It's a mirror with the reflection of a piece of paper with a hidden message cutout.

Hint: It's in a mirror so what you see is the opposite of whats in the mirror!
Hint 2: Copy the characters exactly as you see in the picture on a piece of paper while looking in the mirror yourself

Answer: It's pepsi! Click the word in the mirror and enter level2 as username and pepsi as password


The title of the page is "What's for dessert?" take that into consideration! You might want to mute the music on this one...It's bad.

Hint: It says to count! Count the number of letters in each word of the first sentence (keep them seperate)
Hint 2: Take careful notice of the period in the first sentence

Answer: The first sentece starts HMM. A NOTE There are 3 letters in the HMM then a dot, then 1 letter in A followed by 4 letters in note. 3.14 = pi Click the word hmm to enter it in, and that's the answer: pi


The title of the page is "Math symbol", once again. A big clue! This one is really easy if you can figure it out (I know, that sounds dumb...)

Hint: Look up the logos for Yahoo and Jeopardy
Hint 2: The answer is not !, it is the math name for it. Try googling math and !

Answer: The answer is = factorial. You can access the answer box by clicking where the ! should be in each of the logos.


The title of the page is "Double Trouble" think about it.

Hint: Look at the images...broccolli, balloon, and there's a bunch of b's...
Hint 2: Repeated letters and an occupation..think

Answer: The answer is bookkeeper. This was a hard one.


So you see some random picture and notes play...okay?

Hint: Notes have letters associated with them...turn your sound up and listen
Hint 2: Use a guitar tabbing program and try to match the notes to their letter

Answer: The answer is cabbage. It's the notes from the song for this level


This is what I consider to be the hardest out of the first 20. You need to use external resources.

Hint: Broccolli is in puzzle five, Cabbage in six, red onion in seven
Hint 2: Vegetables have a code associated with them..
Answer: The PLU identification code for a red onion is 4082. That's the answer!


This one is easy..once you get it.

Hint: The numbers are the numbers of previous levels...something is related to the phrases and the level of that number
Hint 2: Anagrams...Google it.
Answer: The title of level six is I'm a jerk but listen, an anagram of this is: justintimberlake BINGO!


Have fun with this one! It's a numbered mess....Don't cheat on this one, it's not fun that way!

Hint: One, Two, Three = o and e
Hint 2: Which letter is not in one of the number names for the numbers 1 to 100
Answer: a is the only letter that does not occur in a number's full name. In fact, it won't appear till 1000! But that's beside the point. The answer is therefore:aaaaa The number you click to get the answer box is a 1 on the left side


This was the most fun for me out of the first 10 because I got it in a reasonable amount of time and it was still pretty tricky

Hint: What's a palindrome?
Hint 2: What's a word related to honda that's the same backwards and forwards.
Answer: The words kayak, radar, and racecar are the same backwards and forwards. So is the word civic (from honda). That's the answer!


This one will have you baffled for hours if you don't know a little bit about how the internet works.

Hint: Page source anyone?
Hint 2: What's the number in the equation:
Answer: Hit view>page source and you'll see the equation 87x3011. Figure it out and you've got the answer: 261957


Basically the same concept as 11a?

Hint: Page source anyone?
Hint 2: Come one...are you an idiot?
Answer: mahjong is in the page source and is the answer! You need to enter the answer on the page for 11a. Click the yogurt in the bottom right.


Hu! Time for some mahjong baby!

Hint: The answer has to do with the numbers from mahjong
Hint 2: Google: "1112345698999"
Answer: ninegates is the name of the mahjong hand pictured


Scoooooby snacks!

Hint: What's missing from this puzzle that's part of every other puzzle?
Hint 2: The number 13 phobia!
Answer: The fear of 13 is: triskaidekaphobia


Blast off!

Hint: What do they say when they countdown to blast off?
Hint 2: o = one, t = two
Answer: The letters at the bottom form the countdown ten, nine, eight, seven... The numbers missing are ten nine and eight. The first letters of those words are t, n, and e. Therefore, the answer is tne


Count like mad! Threesome!

Hint: What letters occur 3 times or more?
Hint 2: s,w,i,g,ja?
Answer: The answer is jigsaw. The letters of jigsaw are the only ones that appear 3 or more times


JIgsaw Jamboree!

Hint: It's a puzzle. Solve it.
Hint 2: Use photoshop or paint to try and match up the pieces
Answer: The answer is maze. Once you unscramble the puzzle you'll see it plain as day



Hint: Print out the maze and try and solve it
Hint 2: It starts with s and ends with s. Once you have the letters in between you'll have the answer.
Answer: The answer is simonsays. Just do the maze


Simon Says

Hint: The random dots and dashes are morse code. Find a morse code chart and keep it handy.
Hint 2: This one is easy if you do it right. The most common mistake is mixing up left and right
Answer: The answer is slamdunk. This one took me less than 2 minutes to do the first time.


Slam Dunk!

Hint: View the page source and decode the morse code
Hint 2: Try and answer this one and you'll get some random numbers. These are ascii character codes.
Answer: ASCII numbers are codes for all the characters on your keyboard. This puzzle's login/answer page/form has the ascii numbers for the word: icons


lol brb

Hint: The deal with the s is that it stands for (S) NO it has nothing to do with safeways.
Hint 2: MSN Messenger? Icons?
Answer: The answer is: moon. In MSN Messenger, the emoticon for (S) is a moon.

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