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Introduction to the Tim Tang Test

Take a look at the Tim Tang Test if you've never seen or heard of it before. It's located at:

The Tim Tang Test is one of the hardest and most accredited selection of brain puzzles and mind teasers that has ever been assembled! You'll need to use more than logic and critical thinking to beat this test. Therefore, I've assembled this guide to the Tim Tang Test to walk you through and help you where you get stuck.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Tim Tang and you should take this guide at your own risk. If you solely use this guide you won't have any fun.

I am constantly in the process of adding additional puzzles to this walkthrough. If you have the answers and the procedures required to any of the puzzles in this guide, please give me an email at:


sarah said...

hey thanks for some of the answers i thank you.But with the cheats you are giving out to the hole planet, you are giving us knowledge from you and what are we giving you....NOTHING..that will just make us rude.when i get the answers i will give them to you.that is because you gave me some of your answers.hey you know that you can get the ones that go to 100. the site is
the place you can reach me at is

sarah said...

Levels 1-100
1: /ttt/level1.html
Rearrangements of the numbers 1,2,3.

2: /ttt/312.html
The symbol "!" is missing from both logos. In math, "!" means "factorial".

3: /ttt/factorial.html
Word lengths: 3,1,4,1,5,9,... these are the digits of pi.

4: /ttt/pi.html
Missing element in periodic table: tin. There is a "No Tin City" in greater Shanghai.

5: /ttt/wuxi.html
Double letters in words starting with B: broccoli 1, balloon 2, bookkeeper 3.

6: /ttt/bookkeeper.html
Name the notes playing in the background music.

7: /ttt/cabbage.html
PLU numbers, colored according to the type of vegetable, sort of.
Broccoli(crowns) from level 5: 4060(4549). Cabbage(red) from level 6: 4069(4554). Red onion: 4082.

8: /ttt/4082.html
Anagrams of previous level titles (from browser title bar).
Find a celebrity name anagram of level 6 title "I'm a jerk but listen".

9: /ttt/justintimberlake.html
English words for numbers have all the vowels except "a". Missing vowel x 5 = aaaaa.

10: /ttt/aaaaa.html
Palindromes: noon, kayak, racecar.

11: /ttt/civic.html
Do view->soure in the browser. Answer is in the source code: 87 x 3011.

/ttt/261957.html (redirect)

12: /ttt/mahjong.html
Name the mahjong hand shown. Background mp3 is "The Ninth Gate-Theme" and source says it's 88 points.

13: /ttt/ninegates.html
The level number (13) is mising from the picture. Answer: word for "fear of the number 13".

14: /ttt/triskaidekaphobia.html
Countdown from 10 to 1, showing the first letters of the numbers.

15: /ttt/tne.html
The picture contains three of every letter except a,g,i,j,s,w

16: /ttt/jigsaw.html
Save the picture and open it in paint to rearrange the pieces. Result: handwritten word "maze".

17: /ttt/maze.html
Solve the maze and enter the letters that the solution goes through.

18: /ttt/simonsays.html
Nothing tricky, just find a morse code chart and follow the instructions.

19: /ttt/slamdunk.html
Source code hint is morse code for "ASCII". The title numbers are ASCII codes for the letters i,c,o,n,s.

20: /ttt/icons.html
Safeway slogan/logo features letters L,I,F,E.
Picture shows the MSN messenger icons for (L), (I), (F), (E). Answer: (S) = moon.

/ttt/moon.html (redirect)

21: /ttt/dkc/moon.html
Source code of the redirect page (see above) says "bonus.html".
/ttt/dkc/bonus.html redirects back to dead end but contains another hidden link.
/ttt/dkc/circle.html is a cycle of redirecting. Final clue is in triangle.html source:
"Enter in what level 20's answer [moon] goes around."

22: /ttt/dkc/earth.html
Press Ctrl-A To "select all" on the page and highlight the answer formed by extra whitespace (works in IE6).

23: /ttt/dkc/ice.html
91 toys sold (at $3.49 each). Speed: 101 (Favorite num=16). Clock hands make right angles 44 times in 24h.
/ttt/dkc/404404.html redirects to /ttt/dkc/oops/404404.html.
"Double oops" means change it from 404404 to 404.

24: /ttt/dkc/oops/404.html
Capital of Saskatchewan is Regina. Name Regina King's character in "24".

25: /ttt/dkc/oops/sandrapalmer.html
Missing picture because source links to .jpg instead of .png. Look at sandrapalmer.png.

26: /ttt/dkc/oops/pixel.html
Source code gives coordinates of a pixel in the image.
Use paint to go to that location and read the tiny word there.

27: /ttt/dkc/oops/tiny.html
Series of rhyme puzzles: knightfight, slimjim, phonedrone, samedame, copperstopper, coffeetoffee

28: /ttt/dkc/oops/star.html
Anniversary gifts for triangular-numbered years:
1:paper, 3:leather, 6:iron, 10:aluminum, 15:crystal

29: /ttt/dkc/oops/crystal.html
Translate the UPC code. Discard the leading zero and don't include the check digit (1).

30: /ttt/dkc/oops/7447008153.html
Compare to Level 10 picture: answer should be a car brand.
Multiply diamond by 3: Google "triple diamond" to find something about Mitsubishi ATVs.

/ttt/dkc/oops/mitsubishi.html (redirect)

31: /ttt/dkc/kong/level31.html
Change level131.png to level31.png. New pic has hidden word.

32: /ttt/dkc/kong/host.html
Source code refers to Wheel Of Fortune.
Picture refers to hosts' initials: PS = Paul Sajak, VW = Vanna White.

33: /ttt/dkc/kong/wheeloffortune.html
Increment the letters in the filename by one.

34: /ttt/dkc/kong/xiffmpggpsuvof.html
Image shown is named red.png. Look at orange.png, etc. (ROYGBIV)

35: /ttt/dkc/kong/lavasudoku.html
Sudoku puzzles. Solve sudoku and enter the numbers in the colored boxes (in rainbow order).
Answers: 4341242, 2965178, 1391568
Ctrl-A on the congratulations page (quickly, before it redirects) to see needed hint for 36.

36: /ttt/dkc/kong/guitar.html
Title=sequence of guitar strings. Number from hint above is 593035=fret numbers.
If you play those frets on those strings, you get the notes DECADE.

37: /ttt/dkc/kong/decade.html
Add a couple zeroes to a decade.

38: /ttt/dkc/kong/millennium.html
Chinese Zodiac, Fibbonacci sequence.

Change directories. Game name: Diddy's Kong Quest.

39: /ttt/dkc/quest/monkey.html
Change .mid to .mp3 to get Fur Elise (or just look at the sheet music picture).
Wikipedia: song was actually for someone named Therese.

40: /ttt/dkc/quest/therese.html
40 = 3*11 + 1*7. Use answers from levels 7,11: 3*261957 + 1*4082

41: /ttt/dkc/quest/789953.html
On a phone keypad, the numbers 789953 give you a word.

42: /ttt/dkc/quest/puzzle.html
lakeontario, quarterback, withoutasecondglance, longtimenosee, hijacking, painlessoperation

43: /ttt/dkc/quest/egg.html
Location of area code 312 in Turkey.

44: /ttt/dkc/quest/ankara.html
ASL (American Sign Language)

45: /ttt/dkc/quest/earth.html
Source code gives latitude/longitude (in binary) for the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

46: /ttt/dkc/quest/hkcec.html
First letters of font names spell a word.

Time to change the directory again. Double oops.

47: /ttt/dkc/double/trick.html
Oct 31 = Halloween. trick "or" treat.

48: /ttt/dkc/double/treat.html
12 + 2*8 - 3^2
ans^3 + 365 - 16 - 4th_root(6/3 + 79)
ans*1973 + 4

49: /ttt/dkc/double/71077345.html
Turn the number upside down and read it as letters.
Lead missing from periodic table. Answer: unleadedfuel.

50: /ttt/dkc/double/unleadedfuel.html
Hint in a text file on Limewire (supposedly): "I have the same number of keys as the number of points in the winning Mahjong hand." The hand (from level 12) is worth 88 points.

51: /ttt/dkc/double/piano.html
Counting numbers in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German (implied by source code hint).

52: /ttt/dkc/double/funf.html
Use the coordinates in the source code to draw lines, and you get a word.

53: /ttt/dkc/double/wing.html
"PIPeLiNE!" letters hidden in the image in Wingdings fonts.

54: /ttt/dkc/double/pipeline!.html
Another directory change. DKC levels: "Low-G Labyrinth!", "Poisonous Pipeline!".

55: /ttt/dkc/poisonous/pipeline!.html
Reference to level 39. Open pipeline!.mp3 and reverse it to hear the answer.

56: /ttt/dkc/poisonous/desktop.html
Shift stuff one key left on the keyboard.

57: /ttt/dkc/poisonous/dna.html
Translate the DNA code into an amino acid sequence and use the single-letter abbreviations.

58 /ttt/dkc/poisonous/land.html
Pakistan, Phillipines, and Nepal time zones.

59: /ttt/dkc/poisonous/545.html
queensinadeckofcards, atomicnumberforoxygen, jurorsinajury, pawnsinachessset

60: /ttt/dkc/poisonous/pawnsinachessset.html
Odds of a royal flush.

Change "dkc/poisonous" to "mario".

61: /ttt/mario/1in649740.html
Hex color code for the color of "lava" text from Level 34 image.

62: /ttt/mario/dc0a0a.html
Picture implies answer is a car brand. Theme: oxymorons: virtual reality, jumbo shrimp, dodge ram.

63: /ttt/mario/dodgeram.html
5x886 = 4430 = pineapple (Level 7=PLU codes). In Level 11 picture, kiwi is above pineapple. Kiwi = 4030.

64: /ttt/mario/4030.html
Mario Kart 64.

65: /ttt/mario/kart.html
Signal flags (inverted colours).

66: /ttt/mario/sushi.html
Name that type of sushi.

/ttt/mario/unagi.html (redirect)

67: /ttt/mario/outerlimits/unagi.html
Solfege (do,re,mi,...) note names. Green dots on notes mi and di.

68: /ttt/mario/outerlimits/midi.html
Midi note numbers for the first few notes of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

69: /ttt/mario/outerlimits/twinkle.html
Sourcecode hint: logo for Dodge Ram looks like Zodiac symbol for Taurus?
Zodiac sign for Cassiopeia (pictured constellation)=Cancer. Also the symbol for Cancer looks like "69".

70: /ttt/mario/outerlimits/cancer.html
What type of eclipse occurred on the date from the diary entry in Level 23 (May 10, 1994)?

71: /ttt/mario/outerlimits/annularsolareclipse.html
Hidden picture: annularsolareclipse.png. Diamond picture again, so the answer is a car brand. Crossed out 9 refers to Pluto no longer being a planet. Answer is the 6th planet.

72: /ttt/mario/outerlimits/saturn.html
Name that constellation. Try this page.

73: /ttt/mario/outerlimits/aquila.html
Picture: magpie. There's a Greek myth involving Aquila, magpies, and a lover named Vega.

Change directory.

74: /ttt/mario/giraffe/vega.html
Image on page is vegan.png, vega.png is a dead end. So just go to vegan.html.

75: /ttt/mario/giraffe/vegan.html
Red background and bells symbolize weddings. 75th anniversary gift = diamond.
Levels 28 (anniversary gifts), 44, and 65 all have the same foreground (a star).
Levels 10, 30, 62, and 71 all have the diamond background.
28+44+65=137. 10+30+62+71=173. Multiply these two "anagrams".

76: /ttt/mario/giraffe/23701.html
Open and fill in the blanks. The .txt file names are the hex color codes of the blanks in the picture.

77: /ttt/mario/giraffe/woodpecker.html
Take away "wood" (deforestation) and "er" (Pinyin name of the Chinese symbol shown) from the url.

78: /ttt/mario/giraffe/peck.html
77 = peck, so 777777 = 3 pecks. 32 cups + 3 pecks = 4 pecks = 1 bushel.

79: /ttt/mario/giraffe/bushel.html
Cryptogram for "'What we got here is an unsatisfying situation.' - Jack Twist". Decode the title ("Coding") using the same letter mappings (and C=L).

80: /ttt/mario/giraffe/listen.html
Morse code word in the midi after 30 seconds: mystery.
Or take title literally [answer is 'hidden']: fake warp to 88 (answer: aprilfool) - source hint to change folders.

Level 76 title was "Mystery word". Sequel: mystery word 2.

81: /ttt/mario/mystery/word2.html
Wield, Eland, Linda, Lower, Drive, Ovine, Noble, Elbow
Find a 5-letter word with 0 letters in common with wield, 1 with eland, 1 with Linda, etc.

82: /ttt/mario/mystery/bravo.html
First letters of postal codes for Toronto, St.John's, Calgary, Montreal.

83: /ttt/mario/mystery/math.html
Long division - numbers 0123456789 correspond to letters LOGARITHMS.
(Shortcut: just anagram the letters.)

84: /ttt/mario/mystery/logarithms.html
Integral of 1/cabin d(cabin) = ln(cabin) + C = log cabin + sea = houseboat.

85: /ttt/mario/mystery/houseboat.html
Airport codes: CTL is in Australia, ALT is in Brazil, DEL is in India

Change the folder to the Japanese name of the raccoon suit in Super Mario Brothers 3.

86: /ttt/mario/tanuki/india.html
Fish names made from given letters. Order them so that the diagonal ("\") letters give you another fish.

87: /ttt/mario/tanuki/tarpon.html
ice milk, school book, hand ball, light rain, bare naked, birth stone

88: /ttt/mario/tanuki/birthstone.html
First letters of the answers to levels 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77.

89: /ttt/mario/tanuki/mixedup.html
The V and I chords in a perfect cadence in the key of F are C and F.
Answer is the melting (freezing) point of element 89 in Celsius and Farenheit.

90: /ttt/mario/tanuki/10501922.html
Honeycomb background refers to hex colors. Use the one from level 34/61: DC0A0A
Initials = R = red component = DC
Birthday = GB (decimal) = 0A,0A (decimal) = 10,10 = Oct. 10
Also use info from the photo (Belgian cyclist): Dominique Cornu.

Kidnapped princess from Mario: Toadstool

91: /ttt/mario/toadstool/dominiquecornu.html
cool.html redirects to an older level, repeat from there.
Letters in titles of redirect pages: T,H,R,E,E
Ends up in level 21 loop. Page names: "meta data".
Clue in the list of keywords (part of the meta tags) in the source of /ttt home page: level89(ordinal).
If level 91 is three, then level 89 is 1. Answer is 1 as an ordinal number.

92: /ttt/mario/toadstool/first.html
fiRST, DEFeat, aFGHanistan, HIJacking, STUdy
Find a Motorola product with 3 consecutive alphabet letters.

93: /ttt/mario/toadstool/canopy.html
Dartboard sequence missing numbers: 1 13 3

Numbers in brackets are levels related to the sequences.
keyboard zigzag, roygbiv backwards, ace, words to happy birthday song.

Squaring the previous number and subtracting 1. 3968
1^2, 2^3, 3^4, 4^5, 5^6 = 15625
Add them (title refers to summing).

Keys correspond to languages from level 51. Numbers given are the ones with the same number of letters in those languages as in English.
Chinese: 0 (ling), 6 (liu), 10 (shi), 30 (san-shi), 36 (san-shi-liu), 40 (si-shi)
Dutch: 1 (een), 4 (vier), 5 (vijf), 6 (zes), 7 (zeven), 12 (twaalf)
French: 0 (zero), 3 (trois), 5 (cinq), 6 (six), 9 (neuf), 10 (dix)
German: 0 (null), 4 (vier), 5 (fünf), 9 (neun), 13 (dreizehn), 14 (vierzehn)
Product: 40*12*10*14.

94: /ttt/mario/toadstool/67200.html
Roman numerals. CD = 400.

95: /ttt/mario/toadstool/400.html
Use Paint's "paint bucket" tool on the image.
"add multiply add" math symbols = "+*+" = "txt"
400.txt says "congratulations", spelled right for the first time.
congratulations.html is a trick page.
congradulations.html has the actual continue link.

Dinosaur in Mario games: Yoshi

96: /ttt/mario/yoshi/music1.html
Change the page number. First two pages are anagrams of musical instruments. The rest are layers of a puzzle with boxes to put the answers in. Find the instrument names, put them in the right spots, and read down the bold boxed columns.

97: /ttt/mario/yoshi/symphonyorchestra.html
Symbols stand for letters. Capitals: France=Paris, Taiwan=Taipei, PEI=Charlottetown.
charlottetown.html is identical to congratulations.html from level 95, but missing "!": reference to level 2.
factorial.html has the actual continue link.

98: /ttt/mario/yoshi/halloflogic.html
Correct answers: A,E,L,Q,U.

99: /ttt/mario/yoshi/equal.html
Dates: October 31 = December 25. Math reference: "31" in octal = "25" in decimal.
New Year's Eve = December 31 = "31" decimal = "11111" binary (Garbage holder: bin).

100: /ttt/mario/yoshi/11111.html
11111.PNG, 11111.JPG, 11111.GIF,, 11111.mp3, 11111.txt, copyof11111.txt, copy(2)of11111.txt.
Clue answers give a letter to each number from 1-200. Arrange them in order to get the final clue:
"I am not a solid, liquid, or gas; not a thought, dream, or fantasy. I am constantly moving and reproduces myself. Yes, I am not alive and never was. I cause great disasters, but I am extremely common and important in life. I also come in a lot of colors. What am I?"


101 (H): /ttt/elements/fire.html

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